KIT-QD Parting Tool

KIT-QD Parting Tool
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Product Information

CoroCut® QD Is a secure parting-off and deep grooving system from Sandvik Coromant. Greenwood Tools have modified the system so that it can be used by model engineers. Our version will fit straight into the vast majority of model engineers' lathes, including Myford ML7 and ML10 machines, regardless of toolpost type. The blade is made of high quality spring steel, and clamps the insert into a double-V shaped pocket, using a finger which deforms within the elastic limits of the blade material. Maximum reach is 23mm, giving 46mm or 1.13/16'' diameter parting capacity in solid bar.

The groundbreaking new KIT-QD Parting Tool is very robust and simple to use. Changing a worn insert is quick and easy. Low cutting forces, together with a unique chip-forming dimple, give excellent, undisturbed chip flow, even when machining deep grooves. Close tolerances and fine surface finishes are readily achieved.

The 2.6mm (0.100') wide insert is made in Sandvik's 'all-round' dedicated parting off grade of carbide, GC1125. This will cut practically any material. The unique dimple on the top face of the insert actually reduces the width of the swarf, and effectively prevents it from trapping in the groove as the operation proceeds. The cutting edge geometry generates low cutting forces, and hence reduces vibration.

Locating the insert in the tool is a quick and easy operation. Place the quick-release key horizontally into the blade, then rotate it by 90° to open the jaws. Position the insert against the backstop, return the key to the horizontal and remove. The same method is used to remove the worn insert when it eventually needs replacing.

The tool can be used on the front or back toolpost, and comes to you ready to use, complete with cutting insert and key.

The new KIT-QD parting tool has a better insert location, a stronger body and an improved insert design compared to the original KIT-Q-CUT.  Existing long-time users of KIT-Q-CUT have tested the new KIT-QD with very positive results. Mr Stuart Hardy tested the new tool on EN1A, EN8, EN25T cast Iron, 316 and 314 stainless steels, bronze, brass and aluminium bronze. He said “Generally speaking the KIT-QD is better than the KIT-Q-CUT. It cuts better, and locating the insert is much better.  A good step forward – it gets a ‘thumbs up’ from me”.  Mr John Roberts said “Changing the insert takes seconds using the new design application tool. The ease with which this tool parts off a variety of materials is staggering. Highly recommended”.

Uses Insert Type 18 (1 included)