APKT Endmill - 32mm dia with 32mm dia shank

APKT Endmill - 32mm dia with 32mm dia shank
APKT Endmill - 32mm dia with 32mm dia shank Product code: S-E90AP1003-D32K05 In stock £58.80  Inc. VAT
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Product Information


Our APKT Endmills, aimed at model engineers, are available in diameters from 16mm to 32mm, and one insert fits all sizes. All diameters are available from stock, in plain cylindrical shank type.

Cutter Features

  • Indexable insert endmill providing high precision performance
  • True helical cutting edge and a hardened steel cutter body can give a true 90 degree corner
  • Close manufacturing tolerances
  • Torx screw and key for safer grip and insert clamping
  • Low level of noise and vibrations
  • Suitable for shoulder milling, face milling, side milling and slotting

Insert Features

Inserts generate high quality surfaces, even at high feed rates.

  • Cuts so cleanly that deburring can often be eliminated
  • Positive, light cutting, but secure insert geometries make high metal removal rates possible, even on smaller, low powered machines
  • Inserts are self locating into their seats
  • Uses five Inserts - Type 17 (not included - please order separately)

Omega APKT ENDMILL - 32mm diameter