CoroMill 245 Facemill - 50mm diameter

CoroMill 245 Facemill - 50mm diameter
CoroMill 245 Facemill - 50mm dia Product code: R245-050Q22-12L In stock £355.00  Inc. VAT
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Product Information


The CoroMill® 245 45º positive facemill is a small but robust cutter, particularly suited to the light duty spindles normally inherent in the world of model engineering.

Cutter Features

  • The extra positive geometry transmits low cutting forces and is able to work under non-rigid, as well as demanding conditions without affecting stability
  • Ideal on lower powered machines
  • Provides maximum reliability from the cutting edge to the mounting, providing safe metalcutting with good insert life
  • 50mm and 63mm diameter cutters are available
  • Tough carbide shims under inserts for cutter body protection
  • Cutter body made from pre-hardened steel leading to minimised runout

Insert Features

  • 4 cutting edges per insert means low-cost cutting edges
  • Inserts are self locating into their seats
  • Long and predictable tool life
  • Capable of producing excellent surface finish
  • Uses 3 Inserts Type 12. (Not included - Order separately)

Cutter Mounting Information

  • Cutter fits onto an ISO standard 22mm facemill spigot (not supplied)

CoroMill 245 Facemill - 50mm dia